Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Success is a Woman

Would you like to know how many women I have dated? I will tell you, if you tell me how many women/men you have dated, fair right? What do you mean you don’t want to say it on a blog? Okay, I won’t share my statistics with you, too.

But, I will tell you, none of the women said yes the first time. But, even some who said no at first, eventually agreed to my overtures. Why am I rambling? Maybe it is because I am writing about women, sorry… success. Women can make you lose your…

Think about it, you meet a woman, you try to woo/seduce her (I do not advocate seduction).Seduction is a dark art. You try to be refined, you converse well, talk about her interests, buy her gifts, you tell her she is more beautiful than Heidi…Yet, she says NO, or worse she keeps you guessing.

What do you do? What is the most logical thing to do. (I went after a particular girl for 4 years!). Was I crazy? Maybe. She seemed to have everything: She looked like Mariah Carey; she was smarter than I was, and she is a good person.

You know those rare types who have no need to preach or talk about their faith. She just radiates goodness and peace. ‘Did you get the girl eventually?’ Why not relax and just read, afterall this is my blog, and I will do the talking, writing I mean. Okay, she has three kids now and is still beautiful.No, she is not my wife.

Another guy got her! Lucky man.

So, what do you do when it seems success does not like your face? It is as if it recedes whenever you get close. What do you do when all the efforts at burning the midnight oil leaves you broke and frustrated? If something is not working, is it not logical to give up?

‘Logic’ can be your foe in certain contexts.

There are times when giving up is an act of wisdom. But there are times when giving up is the worst thing you can do. Are you giving up because of indolence, or is it because you have unrealistic expectations? Are you giving up knowing you have given it your very best? Are you giving up because intuitively you sense that is the right thing to do. Are you giving up just for a while, to regroup (I dislike that word, regroup)?

Most of the women I tried dating eventually said yes. The operative word here is eventually. Success is a woman. Women want to be appreciated, they do not want you to think they are cheap.Thus; they reward men who are patient and persistent. They want you to prove yourself. Success wants you to prove yourself too…over time.

Women demand the best from us-they want us to pay attention to even tiny details, like that scruffy beard and your fingernails! They multi-task and think holistically. Success requires this level of attention to the most minute of factors. Success is watching your every move. You cannot trick or cheat her. She is perpetually alert.

One of the interesting things about success is that it often comes when you are contemplating giving up. That is why it usually rewards the consistent, patient and persistent person. Success is not merely turned on by your intellectual abilities or appearance. It tries to test your emotional intelligence too. It wants to know if you are really serious or if your interest in it is just superficial. Women too, often respond positively to your efforts just when you are thinking of moving on.

Think about Abraham Lincoln. Here is a man who failed at most of his major dreams. Did he give up? No way. He eventually became president of the most powerful nation on earth. I think of him as persistence personified. Success could not resist him anymore, she said yes.

What about Edison? Who tried almost a thousand different ways while trying to invent the light-bulb? Boy! A thousand ways.Not your average guy,huh? Well, he eventually founded one of the greatest companies in the world: General Electric. You know that company where Jack Welch was king (now, please don’t tell me you don’t know Jack Welch, please!).

Let us quickly learn from one young, smart persistent dude: Ewen Chia.He is one of the most successful internet marketers. He spent five years before he finally started making serious money online. Five years of hardwork, pain and $50,000 credit card debt. Did he give up? Noooo.

He told himself that failure was not an option. Life rewarded him big time. In 2006, one of his products: The super affiliate cloning program, generated $1.497 million in 36 hours! Success could not resist him anymore, she said yes.

I have a review of one of his products on this blog, NEWBIE CASH MACHINE; do yourself a favor-buy it, here of course. Scroll down to older posts. And if you want to generate massive commissions as a super affiliate, check his other product on the right side-bar of this blog.Yes, the one with EARN MASSIVE COMMISSIONS link.

Success requires being clear about our objectives, it requires planning and amongst other things it require persistence. The more you invest in your education about online marketing, the more you see its potential.So, are you seriously thinking of giving up on your dreams?

I know you will persist. I like your spirit.Remember, failure is not an option. Go on giving it your best and then watch…

I almost forgot; don’t forget to call that lovely babe you told me about. I would like to stay, but I have a date.


  1. I love this post. both as a woman, and as one aspiring for lasting success. one needs to remember the key words used here.. paste them up on a wall or something.
    i'm actively pursuing success does that mae me gay though? :O