Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When a little knowledge is a good thing

I am a sucker for information.

My laptop is groaning under the weight of a million articles,e-books,special reports...
I appreciate the self-evident fact that knowledge is the driver of growth.Thus, I am constantly learning.I just love knowledge.
I spent a large chunk of my childhood in libraries,trapped in the virtual worlds conjured by magical word smiths.Have you ever seen a child in a room filled with enchanting toys?That is how I feel in libraries and book stores-confused and excited!
You might be wondering,how does this relate to making money online-the central thrust of this blog.I will get to it...soon.
If you are new to online marketing,you will agree with me that there are a million and one things to learn:Copywriting,PPC,CTR,Search engine optimization,traffic generation...The learning curve is steep.We have all been scripted to perpetually search for new knowledge.Believe me this is good.But it has its dark side.
My friends might be wondering if there is something wrong with me.Considering that I am the eternal student and the guy who is always looking for an opportunity to quote Thoreau."How can we remember our ignorance which our growth requires, when we keep using our knowledge all the time"
See,I just did again.
The reality in most facets of life, is that success really comes from application.Thus,instead of learning about "14 strategies for attracting traffic to your blog".Focus on 3,master these before you move on.We all have a tendency to just keep absorbing tons and tons of information.

Interestingly,one of the Gurus that I admire once wrote that he only uses about 5% of what he knows about internet marketing,and he is very successful.Do not allow learning to a stumbling block in your quest for success online.

Now,if you'll excuse me,I have some e-books to read.

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