Friday, December 4, 2009

Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell (2)

You might be wondering:Why choose to be an Affiliate?
Being an affiliate is really like eating your cake and having it!
You get to make tons of cash,relatively quickly without some of the
head aches associated with building your own business from scratch.
  • Huge start-up capital
  • Employees
  • Expensive IT infrastructure
  • Refunds
  • Payment Processing
  • Costly research and development
Your main task is promotion.Of course,affiliate marketing is a business,thus there is
work to be done.But,it is not as daunting as deciding to be a merchant/product creator
from the get go.You save a lot of time and money.
It is also a fantastic stepping-stone,if you decide to become a merchant/product creator later.
Is it rewarding? There are millionaire affiliates.A million dollar might not be a lot of moola to you,
but I think it is cool to start with.Later on,we can become like Sir Richard Branson,the riveting billionaire.
Do you know he has 390 companies?

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