Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Profitable Affiliate Products - 3 Key Factors on Choosing Highly Profitable Affiliate Products

One of the most important tasks for an affiliate is knowing how to choose profitable affiliate products. It is very simple. There are three high- level criteria to contend with. They are:

• Profitability
• Passion
• Knowledge

PPK, if you love acronyms. I do. I am assuming you are in business to make money. But, even if you do not need the money, and you want to give it to charity, you need to make the money first, right? Thus, you need to select products that are in demand and that pay good commissions. You need to research keywords for your target market. There are free and paid software that can help you with the vital research process. You can Google keyword research software.

But, do not spend all your time researching (it is not a PhD assignment!). Essentially, you are trying to determine how many people on the average are interested in your proposed niche, potential returns and investment, and also the level of competition.

Passion is like fuel. You can still make a lot of money without it. But the ride might not be fun. I believe life is not to be endured. It is to be enjoyed. Would you like another glass of beer? Isabella told me you were up late yesterday. It is vital to factor in the passion element, because life is too short.

Your passion will imbue your communication with prospects and clients with authenticity, and it will show that you really care. And when tough times come, it will carry you through. You want to choose products that you enjoy using yourself and that you love sharing with others.

Choosing and exploiting profitable affiliate products require knowledge. Knowledge or information is the most sought after product. It goes without saying that you need a deep understanding of your product and of your prospects. Only then will you be able to convince them to buy. Business is essentially about creating value for others. The more knowledge you have the easier creating and selling value becomes. It also confers expert status on you (which is good for the ego).

Those are the major criteria you need. In the next article, we will explore the specifics like conversion rates, gravity, passive income generation and other simple ideas that will not only enable you choose highly profitable affiliate products, but, more importantly, fill your bank account to the brim.
My bill will be waiting.

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