Friday, December 4, 2009

Money and Love

Maybe you dont really agree with me that money is one of the most important resources we all need.I know a few millionaires,and I was with one the other day.He was showing me round his estate,and at a point he showed me an expensive fish farm and joked:If you have something like this,your wife will never leave you! I laughed,and responded(tongue in cheek)'I thought marriage is meant to be based on love'.
He laughed and said:without money,love will fade!
You are probably getting ready for a debate.Some other time. On a deeper level,I believe money is just a means to an end.What we are really seeking is HAPPINESS.Thus,our business decisions should be driven by more than moola.We should do what we love.What we enjoy.We should see business as a vehicle for serving others.If we provide genuine value,we will be rewarded greatly.
What shall it profit a man to have a fat bank account,yet,be lonely and sad?
Do you love your work? Do you love your business? Do you truly love your clients?
When we love our work,we can unleash all that is waiting within us.We wont ever say:Thank God it is Friday.

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